Sunday, 22 July 2007

HF (High Frequency) or Short Wave

HF Mobile, Base and Portable Allowed by UN

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

This HF Transmitter model allowed from UN for Communication in Emergency Response .
If you want to install the HF Transmitter you must prepare :

Spaniards Set, Ring Set and ring no.24/27 special for adjust antenna
Hand drill (battery)Screw,Insulation tape.

NSP .Ver4.11

3.Cable data 08-05123-001 Codan passed1007932

Before Installation you must prepare too Support bracket to put in front your car.(see pictures)


Complete HF “CODAN” Base Station Max Power 125 watt




Complete Installed at Vehicle


Installation system at Vehicle



HF-90 Manpack

HF90 manpack varieties

HF-90 Manpack - Olive Drab and UN Blue Versions

The Q-MAC HF-90 Manpack is a portable, instant-deployment HF SSB Radio Communication System, incorporating the Q-MAC HF-90 Transceiver. This package is designed for applications where the operator requires medium to long range communications, whilst on foot. It is ideal where mobility is of paramount importance, given that it is compact, lightweight and comfortable to carry for long periods. It may be used whilst carried on the operators back, or when staked into the ground.

Package Includes

  • Q-MAC HF-90 Transceiver c/w Speaker Mic.
  • Q-MAC TM-90 Tuner - simple to use Single-Control Tuner, incorporating LED Tuning Indicators c/w Coax/Earth cables.
  • Q-MAC Collapsible Whip Antenna - six section Whip Antenna (3m) providing reliable operation from 3.6 to 10 MHz.
  • Q-MAC Long Wire Antenna Kit - 7m Wire Antenna c/w Counterpoise, Adaptor and Throw Rope. Allows very efficient operation between 2.5 to 10MHz.
  • Q-MAC Rechargeable Battery - sealed lead acid gel, 7Ah, c/w Power Cable and connector for Charging Devices, plus Battery Condition Monitor.
  • Q-MAC Canvas Backpack - made from water resistant canvas, c/w fully padded/reinforced compartments to house HF-90/TM-90 and Accessories.
  • Military-Grade Backpack on Frame also available (optional).
  • Total weight of package is approximately 7kg.

End Users

The Q-MAC HF-90 Manpack is being used worldwide in a variety of applications including; international aid projects, military/paramilitary applications, search and rescue, mineral exploration, forestry management, conservation and wildlife projects.

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